We believe that research must be driven by issues raised in practice and that professionals and the general public must have easy and quick access to the findings. High quality research enhances awareness and understanding – it helps create objectivity in a field that is full of misrepresentations and hearsay.

Most of our research is conducted in the community, in particular in treatment agencies. We are grateful to those people who have facilitated the setting up of the projects.

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Recent research projects:
Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Use – Issues Relevant to Service Provision
Perspectives of young people and service providers in Peterborough

Methadone Versus Subutex: Recovering heroin users’ views on substitute prescribing
Very few studies have considered heroin users’ views on substitute prescribing, in particular with regards to subutex

Using heroin, trying to stop, and accessing treatment
A qualitative analysis of the experiences and views of clients on the Peterborough Nene Drug Interventions Programme

The experiences and needs of individuals affected by a loved ones’ substance misuse
Views of parents and partners in Peterborough

Addiction and recovery
A qualitative analysis of interviews with clients on an abstinence-based structured day-care programme

The impact of substance misuse on the family
A grounded theory analysis of the experience of parents

Some findings from our other research

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