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Our unique programme of “Personal Stories” is a powerful awareness raising tool, a source of inspiration to people with a substance use problem and their families, and an important way of informing the commissioning process and practice.

Some people we have interviewed have said that the experience of working on their personal story has given them a better understanding of what they have been through and the opportunity to use their experience to try and help others.

Dean ByfieldDean
Twelve years ago Dean Byfield began following the crowd on his estate, drinking and taking drugs. But the novelty wore off and left him feeling suicidal and desperately ill. Here he tells how he not only discovered the will to live and recover, but turned his experiences towards helping young people from falling into the same trap.
“Get some of this into yourself, it’ll take away some of the pain” he said. So I did. I felt this warm euphoric feeling come over me and sure enough I did feel a little bit better. Little did I know that what heroin gave me, it would eventually take away. I started using heroin regularly as it seemed to anesthetise me to the world of pain I was in and I justified it to myself as a ‘jail thing’ – something I would never do again upon release.
No-one sets out to be a fully fledged heroin addict. David Wright’s nightmare all started as a bit of fun… Read David Wright’s full story.This story first appeared in Drink and Drugs News.

“That was when I realised it wasn’t about me. It never was. It wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough, nice enough or caring enough. He was an addict. He left me for the drugs. For the addiction. He is in denial. He blames me, and always blamed me as it is far easier than facing up to the fact that he has a problem with drugs.”

Some names have been changed to protect identities

“If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words.”

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