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Daily Dose was launched in January 2001 and is the world’s leading news service on drug and alcohol misuse.

Daily Dose currently has over 5,000 subscribers to the daily bulletin, and over 1,500 subscribers to the weekly bulletin and is top of 62 million listings on Google.

Daily Dose currently provides a unique range of free services. In addition to 365 Daily Doses per year, these services include:

  • A Weekly Dose with links to the highlights of the week
  • A FREE daily and weekly subscription service
  • An extensive archive of all Daily and Weekly Doses
  • An archive of links to specialist reports and papers

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Comments about Daily Dose

“Once in a while we need to recognize and applaud excellence, so I send this in recognition of your service. You are a giant in the addiction field. As a Canadian, I find your service invaluable in my efforts to keep abreast of recent developments. Keep up the great work, and thanks.”

Don Crocock, CEAP, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

How on earth did I keep up to date without it?

Peter O’Loughlin, The Eden Lodge Practice

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