Film and Music


WIRED has developed an extensive collection of personal stories. We are keen to develop new ways of presenting such stories, and are committed to building up an assortment of film stories, for which we are currently seeking funding.

We produced the first of such stories with Mark Saunders. The film was made by a talented young film-maker from Penarth, South Wales, Jonathan Kerr-Smith, in collaboration with WIRED team member Lucie James.

 Film ClipsDave intro (2Mb)Drug use (4.5Mb)Negative effects (4.7Mb)Behave change (7.2Mb)Treatment recovery (8.6Mb)You will need a media player like Apple QuickTime installed to view these film clips.

WIRED also believes in the power of music to both engage and inform people about the issues surrounding substance use and associated problems.

We currently work with Keith Morgan (right) and John Sinclair.

John Sinclair

John Sinclair is now a qualified hypnotherapist having retired from the international rock music scene in 2003 (amongst others he was keyboard player for Ozzy Osbourne’s band for 17 years). He has also recently become a WIRED volunteer and is currently working with young people in Scotland to deliver ‘Motivation Through Music’ workshops. These are designed to offer ‘vulnerable’ young people, (including young offenders, those with drug and alcohol problems and young carers) opportunities to engage in motivational workshops through the medium of music.

Read ‘The power of music’ by John Sinclair

John and Keith’s poser corner!

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The WIRED Initiative introduces you to the WGCADA Warblers from the Welsh Glamorgan Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Swansea. The band is led by Keith Morgan (pictured below).

You may be surprised by the high quality of the band, but please remember, there are no professionals here. The band is raw talent (clients and staff from WGCADA) “gotten into shape” by Keith.

Listen to a song by the WGCADA Warblers

After The Goldrush (soloist: Dianne) Windows Media format

After The Goldrush (soloist: Dianne) Real Player format