WIRED was developed as a way of empowering people to tackle problems caused by substance use.

This website describes wide range of our activities, including the development of the news portal Daily Dose, association with the magazine Drink and Drugs News, our unique programme of personal stories and project profiles, our community-based research, film and music engagement projects, and more. Please read our aims and a message from the Director of WIRED.

Latest Background Briefing
How stimuli associated with the pleasurable effects of drugs can strongly influence behaviour [Drink and Drugs News]

International Advisory Board
Check out the biography of our new member Mike Ashton, editor of Drug and Alcohol Findings

Treatment effectiveness
One of our Advisory Board, Nick Barton, and his colleagues at Clouds describe common principles for delivering effective interventions

“Hepatitis what?”
David Wright will be writing a series of articles, charting his experiences of living with Hepatitis C. The first in the series, David describes the events leading up to him discovering he has the condition

Lucy’s story
This is a fascinating story about Lucy’s experience of drug use problems as she describes her son, Jamie’s story

Drug laws: Q & A session
Dave Bewley Taylor gives his thoughts in a Q & A session on the drug legalisation debate. The information provided is intended to prompt thought and discussion
Film Clips
Mark Saunders works with WIRED to produce our first film personal story

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WIRED International Advisory Board:

Mike Ashton (UK), Nick Barton (UK), Carlo DiClemente (US), Barry Grant (US), Harald Klingemann (Switzerland), Peter Martin (UK), Neil McKeganey (UK), Bill Saunders (Australia), Simon Shepherd (UK), Linda Sobell (US), Mark Sobell (US), John Strang (UK), Sitharthan Thiagarajan (Australia)

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