Agency Profiles


These agency profiles serve several functions:

  • help increase the general public’s understanding and awareness of treatment for substance misuse problems.
  • help treatment agency workers become aware of what other workers are doing, what experiences they have, and how they deal with certain problems and situations.
  • provide a way by which a treatment agency can promote itself and attract additional funding.

Breaking Boundaries: Profile of West Glamorgan Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (WGCADA)
Brings to life the unique range of services offered by this South Wales treatment agency (1.2Mb file)

Learn from this treatment service
WIRED conducts evaluation of the structured day care (community rehabilitation) programme of the Burton Addiction and O’Connor Centres.

Cheryl’s Diary
Cheryl Hancock had become interested in the work her daughter Becky was doing as a member of our team. We asked her if she would like to spend a week in a drug and alcohol treatment agency and write up her experiences.

Profile of the Neath Port Talbot Arrest Referral Scheme
Profile of this scheme operating in South Wales includes statistics, case studies, interviews with workers, commissioners and clients, description of key elements underlying the considerable success of the scheme, consideration of cost-effectiveness, and recommendations for future.

Profile of a Young Persons Worker
We hear from Colin Lloyd about the varying aspects of his work as a Young Person’s Worker in Neath Port Talbot. It’s “Not just talking the talk. It’s walking the walk as well. There’s a big difference.”

Profile of a Sports Development Worker
The Sports Development Worker in Carmarthenshire helps substance misusers to develop skills and interests in sports and leisure, a positive alternative to drug and alcohol misuse. He provides a key service in the strategy of developing a multidimensional response to substance misuse, and is also a gateway to other services.

Profile of Inroads outreach project
Outreach project supported by the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Fund in Wales that takes the service of Inroads out of Cardiff City Centre and into the outlying estates of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, targeting hard-to-reach, vulnerable young people.

Option2: a crisis intervention service for families
Option 2 is a short-term crisis intervention service for families where there are serious Child Protection concerns and where substance misuse is an issue, aimed at creating a positive change in the way that these families function.

Taff Ely Drug Support (TEDS) home detoxification service
Home detoxification for heroin users as carried out by the voluntary sector agency TEDS. We interview home detox workers and clients, and consider a variety of aspects of this form of treatment.

Chris Weaver, North Wales Community Drug and Alcohol Liaison Midwife
This unique and highly successful project has established a treatment service across a wide geographical region for pregnant women who misuse drugs and alcohol, provided advice and support for these ladies, educated a large number of professionals about substance misuse in pregnancy, and developed a specialist knowledge base of recent research findings.

“He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes.”

“As well as doing treatment and the rehabilitation, it is also really important for this client group to see that you can have fun without drugs and alcohol. You can laugh without drugs and alcohol. And that’s what is important. Instead of telling somebody we are taking away your drugs and alcohol, which a lot of the time is taking away their whole life style, their whole social circle, everything, we tell them what we are giving them instead.”

“… you are dealing with a group of people who are experiencing for the first time emotions and experiences without, in a sense, an aesthetic and without entrenched coping skills. If a client disappoints you, then you need to look at your own expectations and your understanding of addiction.”

CEO of Treatment Agency