Family Members


There is inadequate support for families and carers of people with a substance misuse problem. This is particularly ironic given the large number of people affected and the fact that many want to become involved in tackling substance misuse problems.

WIRED has carried out several projects with family members, including a research project on the impact of substance misuse on the family, a needs assessment for family support, and a number of personal stories. We are currently developing a website for the Aberdeenshire Drug and Alcohol Team, focusing on the needs and experiences of family members.
Family personal stories
Lucy’s story
This is a fascinating story about Lucy’s experience of drug use problems as she describes her son, Jamie’s story.
“That was when I realised it wasn’t about me. It never was. It wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough, nice enough or caring enough. He was an addict. He left me for the drugs. For the addiction. He is in denial. He blames me, and always blamed me as it is far easier than facing up to the fact that he has a problem with drugs.”

Monica’s son (Callum) has been using heroin for several years. She has taken the journey with him in many respects and has stood by him throughout this time. This has been an extremely turbulent and emotional time for Monica as well as the rest of the family. She has undoubtedly experienced and learnt a lot, during this time and has chosen to share her experiences.

Anna first met Ben when he was clean from drugs four years ago. Initially unaware of his heroin addiction, she was “bombshelled” when he told her about it. Making the difficult decision to help him through his addiction, Anna has supported Ben through numerous attempts to get clean. She finds it difficult to live with the unpredictability of Ben’s moods and believes that more support is needed for the families of drug addicts.

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“Only when all contribute their firewood can they build up a strong fire.”

Peterborough needs assessment
Looks at the perceived needs of family members.

Impact of substance misuse on the family
The aim of this study was to conduct a detailed qualitative analysis into the impact of substance misuse on the family, from the point of view of parents of users.

Family misfortune
Far too little attention and support is given to the families and carers of people with a substance misuse problem.