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WIRED believes in using people’s skills, talents and enthusiasm to help increase awareness of and understanding of substance use and misuse. Our volunteers also describe how the opportunity to engage in new activities is advantageous to them personally.

We would like to thank you all!

Kevin Manley
Kevin has experiences many years of addiction. Kev has recently become a Christian and entered a Christian rehab in January this year. He has since enjoyed a dramatic change in his life and is currently enjoying his recovery!Kev will be regurarly writing articles for this site and his personal story will be available soon. He has also worked with ITV news to share his experiences of heroin addiction and recovery, which was screened on Monday 15th May 06!
John Sinclair
John Sinclair has been a touring musician for most of his life, perhaps most notably having spent 17 years as a keyboard player for Ozzy Osbourne (from 1986 to 2003). He has experienced many years being dependent on alcohol before enjoying freedom from his addiction in the last few years.He has become increasingly aware of the motivational impact of musical involvement and encouragement has on young people and offers workshops to ‘vulnerable’ young people in Scotland. Find out more about his philosophy and activities in our Film and Music section.Who’s looking over John’s shoulder?
David Wright
David WrightDavid Wright, works as a user advocate in the South Wales area. He writes a regular newsletter ‘The Heroin Herald’ which is sent out to practitioners and substance users around the country. David will also be writing a regular column for the WIRED Initiative website, initially focusing on Hepatitis C.Read David’s personal story | Contact DavidHeroin Herald magazines:
Summer 2005 | Autumn 2005 | January 2006 | Spring 2006 (part 1) | Spring 2006 (part 2)”Hepatitis what?”
David Wright will be writing a series of articles, charting his experiences of living with Hepatitis C. The first in the series, David describes the events leading up to him discovering he has the condition

John Kerr-Smith

WIRED has worked with a talented young film maker to produce our first film personal story. We are currently seeking funding to develop a number of these stories, utilising multi-media applications.

If you interested in getting involved, please contact us.