Virtual Outreach


Many people (clients, practitioners, commissioners) are concerned about communicating over the internet because of worries about security, such as their private communications being monitored by others, or records left on a computer being taken away.

To overcome this problem, WIRED is partnering Distance Therapy Ltd which has a uniquely secure online communication system (Online Confidential) designed for therapeutic interventions. Distance Therapy Ltd was originally conceived and built by Datasmith Ltd for the Gordon House Association. Gordon House is a charity which rehabilitates recovering serious gambling addicts and which runs the successful Internet helpline utilising this system. Distance Therapy Ltd will develop for WIRED a customised version to be used as Virtual Outreach.

Online Confidential utilises a unique patented method to guarantee privacy and confidentiality for both clients and counsellors. It provides various forms of communication: video voice link, voice link, text (a unique form of chat that gives the immediacy of real voice conversations) and a sand-tray (whiteboard) tool for drawing. Counsellors are able to provide links to customised web pages containing specific help and information.

Amongst its potential applications, Virtual Outreach can be used to provide assessment, counselling, peer support, brief interventions, and relapse prevention.

You can find more information about how Virtual Outreach will work by logging on to and trying out their online demo.

Virtual Outreach will be made available in the future for interested parties (organisations and individuals) on a license basis. For further information, please contact us.

“Man who run in front of car get tired. Man who run behind car get exhausted.”

Gambling Therapy e-helpline pilot project, final report
This report was designed to quantify the demand for a gambling problem e-helpline, and to design a useful response service capable of being delivered securely and confidentially. This is a very important project of direct relevance to Virtual Outreach

Internet treatment and support
As demand outstrips resources that can be given to treatment facilities in the community, DC argues that there is an urgent need to be innovative in developing ways of tackling substance misuse.